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Latest Website Updates and Family News

Graphic Files all broken

Howdy all! There was a fatality in the process of moving to a new website. Something went wrong and we had to remove all the images and their links from the new setup, since they were duplicated! So now we have to go through each of the over 1700 files and tell them what category they belong to, what album they go to, and where their thumbnails are, and whether or not they are the default image for each person.

In short, this is going to take many hours of work to restore, so they will be appearing as we have time to sift through the huge pile. I do hope for this reason alone that we will not have to move again very soon. This job is huge and follows many hours of trying to move things. So in the meanwhile, please be patient! You can certainly point things out and those items will be handled with a priority over the general list.

So what does this mean? It means work on other aspects of the family tree has to take a back seat till this project is restored. I will be so glad when I can sit back and know that there is a family line that is completely done and current and only needs to be looked at to add current events or recovered photos and information.

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Anderson updates (2011.18)

From Stephen Hallâ??s Family Tree

    1. Stephen D. Bedell name, birth date, death year
    2. Lorana Bedell death date and place
    3. Lorana Bedell parents
    4. Lorana Bedell brother, William
    5. Lorana Bedellâ??s grandparents the Bells.
    6. Quite a few Bell family members

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Anderson updates in week 12

William Anderson

  1. Found date of death
  2. Found date of will probate
  3. Possible last name of wife
  4. Better marriage date and location

Albert Friend

  1. Link: Albert Friend
  2. Revised the 1891 census info
  3. Added parents and family from 1881 census
  4. Removed 1881 census info! Wrong Albert. Using U.S. census clues of Sydney being his brother and Clara a sister, found an 1891 census with more fitting data
  5. Added 1901 census for dad and brother, and found possible mother had died.
  6. Moved immigration and emigration events from marriage to couple, and redid document to display.
  7. Fixed document so can be viewed and moved from marriage to Florenceâ??s page (and redid girls with her).
  8. Fixed 1910 census footnote for family to new style.
  9. Info from passenger manifest in 1932.
  10. Info from passenger manifest for just Albert in 1932
  11. 1918 draft registration information redone
  12. 1920 census redone for family
  13. 1930 census search unfruitful

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Anderson Family additions

Found a possible death quarter for William Long.

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Website Directories

We have added the update blogs to each directory page! Now instead of having to go to the special blog setup, you can see the updates in each Family Directory page! Enjoy!

We also made a special date graphic for the setup to add a little spice to the pages.

I did not realize there were so many directory pages! We still have a few more to turn back on, but we certainly have more than I expected! I also did not realize that so much gets done. Seeing the news on some families I did not think I had worked on for a while was surprising. I really like this new setup! Hope you like it too.

As I installed this, I updated the code on the pages and made some other changes. Now that I have a news section with each directory page, I will work on making the headings more appropriate and the links also become more valuable. So that is the plan now, to include more links to the people that get updates!

Oh, and another change, we dropped the â??Updatesâ? button from the main menu, since it is not important anymore!

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Website news (version 11.06)

Directory Pages updated and fixed

We went to use the Macomber directory and found out that none of the buttons were working! So of course we went right to work to get those fixed. We also updated the background code and eliminated some old code that is no longer used. While we were there we added a button to access the list of Macomber names and another button so that those in the family can find out what the latest additions are to the Macomber family tree.

Being the curious, we decided to go through the directory pages and update things. So we went to the Anderson directory page, and saw that the buttons there were in small print so that was fixed, the background code was updated, and we added a link to the update blog page for that family.

Before moving onward however, we checked our contact form, and found that it was not working properly. We also found a link on the page that had not been corrected. So now that works.

Next we check the Douthit family page. Fortunately we found that the links all worked. So for now we decide to leave that page alone.

Next we check the Erhart family page. The links to people did not work. The button for a the family updates blog also was not present. So we updated the code, cleaned up the page, and fix those problems.

Last we found the Green family page needed some updating, so that was done.

Well with all that the directory pages and contact pages are all working again! Hope they stay that way!

Website Moved

Now for big news. We moved our website to a new server! The old site was simply too small and cost too much. We are trying this new system to see if we can make things work or not. So far the transfer of the website went pretty smoothly considering how large things are. We read that we could make a backup of the website and simply unzip it and load it into the new site. This was easier said than done. It took two days to upload the data and files and then when we tried to load the database tables into the new system we found that the â??backupâ? file was actually an old file with a current time and date stamp on it. All our work there had to be hand updated, one table at a time, and then carefully checked against the current system. That took about a day to do. But in the end, the data is up and the website is running just fine. It is a bit slower than the old one I think by milliseconds in tests.

My worry is about the weekly updates. It is a slow process and very intensive. I moved to the last website hosting company in June because it was a company that catered to the software we use. It also works very well. But since we outgrew it and getting just a little more space would double our monthly fee, it was not feasible to stay.

So we did a test run last night and things did not work well. We will try another test run tonight to see how it goes, and to see if it will work better or not. I sure hope it will! We have lots of space now so this is the only issue left.

OK, the second test was done and there is still no way to know how it it going. The data however seems to be getting processed just fine, and the cleanup of data afterwards was very good, in fact I think it was faster than the other hosts we have used. So for how we will probably stay and look for solutions to the update metering.

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Anderson Family Additions

The following additions to the Anderson family tree.

  1. The 1841 census for William Boyd (I4394) and his family.
  2. The Anderson family has gotten a main directory listing on the website main page!
  3. The Anderson family directory has been reactivated!
  4. The 1871 Census for William Long (I516) and his wife.
  5. The 1881 census for William Long and his family, adding several new family members
  6. The 1891 census for William Long and his family, adding new family members
  7. The 1901 census for William Long and his family was redone.
  8. The 1861 census for William Long and his parentâ??s family, adding his parents and siblings
  9. The 1851 census for William Long and his parentâ??s family.
  10. We found a possible general time for William Longâ??s marriage, so put it in, hoping to get to better records later.
  11. We found William in a 1841 census, but he was single and living in a boarding house. It does not help us on tracing his family tree back another generation!
  12. We found a possible quarter for his fatherâ??s death.
  13. The 1871 census for his fatherâ??s family
  14. The 1881 census for his fatherâ??s family
  15. The 1891 census for his fatherâ??s family

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Anderson family additions

Matthew Anderson (I437) did not have a location listed for his marriage to Mary Ann Boyd. This was found the in the England Marriage Index.

We also added a rough estimate of a day of death to him.

In hunting for more records on Richard Boyd (I4384) in hopes of identifying his wife better, we found a husband and father-in-law for his sister, Mary Boyd.

We also found the 1851 census for Richard and his parents and siblings.

The census for 1861 was redone, and corrections and additions made.

The census for 1881 was added to the family, but Richard was dead by then.

We found a Richard Boyd that died just after his last daughter was born, in the same region of her birth!

Persistence pays! We found a death index record that fits very well for Polly Anderson (i702). So now we have her year and place of death!

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