Please remember that the video may be paused at any time. One can also forward or reverse it as well.


First make sure you are logged into the website. In the white section at the top right of each individual’s page it should have your membership name. If not, it will say Login:

Submit Photo

In my case it has "Logout (Edit Profile: PastorMacomber)." If it just said "Login" then I would have to click on that word to sign into the website. Of course, if I was not a member, I would apply!

Second, once logged in, you should see the "Submit Photo / Document" link under each person's name being viewed (as in the clip from the website above). In this case, I can click on that link to send a photo or scanned document to the website, and it will be clearly identified so it gets added to the right person.

Third, just find the file you want to upload on the form that opens using "Choose File." Add any other information or credits and it will be on its way to us.

We review everything before adding it, so it takes a while for us to get to things. We try to handle things in a couple weeks, but it is not always possible. We have been a more popular website than planned (and thankful for it)!

The other way is to just email the photo. Some have a problem because their email program or account limits the size of the photos, or it automatically downsizes them, making them grainy and low quality for website use. Others find it a bit of trouble to find the individual’s ID number to include in an email to help us. ¬†Using the website form not only helps us find the right person quickly, it does not have size limits to deal with, it clearly identifies who you are, and makes our work easier and lets us present a clearer photo or document than otherwise.