There is a Gottliep Schunke that was born in 1811 in Waeldchen, Schlesien, Prussia (now Germany). The age would be about right, but the homeland does not fit well with the Gottliep of our story. The following is a list of reasons that suggest there were two contemporary Gottlieps. They are distinguished by calling them the P.R. (public record) one and the F.T. (family tree) one.

However, should this be incorrect, a compiled record would look like this:

His first recorded marriage was to Anna Rosa Sunreich on Nov. 19, 1837, in Gruben, Schlesien, Prussia. She was born on Sep. 25, 1795, in Gruben, Prussia. She died Dec. 26, 1854. They had two children:

His second marriage would have been to Kristiana in 1814. This is the marriage that produced the family documented in detail. Because she is not mentioned in the public records available to date, the other marriages here may not be relevant.

The third marriage would have come after he had “failed” life with Kristiana, with their children all getting saved (he grieved over their “perversion” from the “church”) and having to move to far away America. His great endeavors to make it in life and to set his children up in prosperous jobs also had fallen through. He was living in houses borrowed from his brothers, and could have conceivably divorced Kristiana at this point.

If this ideology is true, the public records indicate he married Maria Theresia Scheiblich on Apr. 13, 1856 in Gruben, Prussia. She was born on Jan. 12, 1826 and died Apr. 9, 1859 in the same town. They had two children:

His final marriage would have come after having lost Maria and her second child. He might have been looking for someone to help mother Joseph.

He married Maria Ohms on Feb. 1862 in Gruben. She was born in 1824. They had one daughter and she died a toddler.


William Schunke's Memoirs

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