Hi! I am Pastor Clinton Macomber and the family historian. With family dissolution and fragmentation that has reached epidemic levels, very few of us have any idea of the sacrifice, valor, struggles, or even things learned of previous generations. It is a real shame. This site is presented with the hope that we can assemble the real stories of our family members and enable us to get a glimpse into their lives.

Any way we can help, or you can, lets get together!

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  1. Mother Marietta

    Clinton, I wanted to update your information about my family: My mother was Clara Rose Erhardt Darby (died 9/3/73). My father, Francis Combs Darby died at age 103 on Dec 3, 2012. My name was Barbara Darby, but I am now the Mother Prioress of a monastery and my name is Mother Marietta. We have just moved to TN and our address is : Handmaids, 290 Locke Lane, Benton, TN 37307. Could you let me know about my cousin Peggy? I heard that Glenda died, but did not receive any information about date or circumstances.
    Keeping your ministry in our prayers, in Jesus’ Name,
    Mother Marietta

    1. Greig, members of MacomberrKin can have the gedcom download feature turned on for a limited section of this huge family tree. Also, I have the tree on RootsMagic, and can send you a file from it! I’m pretty flexible, in receiving and sharing. Clinton, Webmaster

    1. Casey, I was knocked down by another (now the fourth) near death experience I miraculously survived (emergency doctor words reluctantly used). It has taken a year to get things back to the point I can use my eyes (with more help) for this vision intensive work. It is going to take a while to get caught up with the hundreds of requests, but if you have anything to share, let me know! I stand here (actually lay here in a hospital bed) at your service!
      Clinton, Webmaster

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