Finney additions

  1. Processed an email from Trudie Sheffield about the divorce and remarriage of Mary Adella Moore (i534) to a Lynch, so changes made.
  2. Kelso children shifted to a different wife of John Kelso (i493)
  3. 1870 census shifted to different wife of John Kelso
  4. Florellis Kelso dates added from Shona Bishop’s family tree
  5. John Kelso biography from Biographical Dictionary of US Congress
  6. John Kelso family in 1860 census
  7. Lots of war information for John Kelso
  8. Grave of Mary Moore Kelso Lynch (i534)
  9. Added Cemetery, 1633. McCrary Cemetery, Daviess County, Missouri
  10. Grave of Florellus Kelso (i4546)
  11. Added Cemetery 1634. Hazelwood Cemetery, Greene County, Missouri
  12. Thomas Lynch family in 1860 census
  13. Thomas Lynch family in 1870 census
  14. Mary Adelia Lynch photo
  15. Thomas Lynch family in 1880 census
  16. Robert Kelso family in 1850 census
  17. Joshua Lynch family in 1850 census
  18. Ok, it has been a couple weeks since I did an update. I have been hung up on the John Russell Kelso military record and still have about 100 more pages of his files to get through. I also hope to get the battle summaries done that he has to his credit. But in the interest of getting things moving again, I am doing an update in hopes of returning to this apparently godless blood thirsty man that helped win the war for the Northern States who imposed unconstitutional powers over the Southern States.

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