John Wesley Finney additions

Trudie Sheffield had sent us some valuable information and links on John Wesley Finney and his family. Also Rachel Finney suggested MilesFiles as a source for the Finney beginnings. The MilesFiles are the kind of info I like since it is carefully and painfully documentation sourced, and all other information is ignored. These were the the source and inspiration for the following manifold changes and additions:

  1. Physical description of John Finney
  2. Caroline Finney (i502) birth county added
  3. Archibald Finney (i501) birth county added
  4. Minerva Walker dates annotated
  5. Several notes to John Finney
  6. Photo of John & Minerva Finney
  7. Wendell Montrose Finney grave & cemetery
  8. Cemetery addition: 1655. Oakdale Citizens Cemetery, Stanislaus, California
  9. Mabel Florence Murray Finney added
  10. Wallace Finney (i497) grave info added
  11. Mary Rodden Finney (i535) grave info added, and
  12. Jane Major’s (i403) family added, including siblings
  13. Andrew Finney’s daughter added
  14. William Finney dates received qualifiers (i401)
  15. Added the Sarah Brickhouse family
  16. Moved William Finney (i675) to being Sarah Brickhouse’s son
  17. Corrected William Finney dates
  18. Moved Andrew Finney to be son of Sarah Brickhouse
  19. Changed the parents of Elizabeth White (i398) from Arthur and Sarah White to William and Mary (Savage) White, and dates changed.
  20. Savage family added
  21. Broke George Finney of Accomack from George Finney of Russell county, Virginia. They appear to be different men! I now have a disconnected spur tree of Finney members!

We will have to return to this area next week or even later. There is so much more to do before I can close out the emails in Mar 2009.

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