Gambrell additions

Sid Gambrell was looking for a connection of a Giles Darwin Gambrell. That inspired the following work:

  1. The addition of William J. Gambrell family (i187631) members
  2. The addition of William H. J. Gambrell family members
  3. Cemetery 1657. Oak Lawn Cemetery, Milam County, Texas
  4. Cemetery 1658. Pleasant Retreat Cemetery, Milam County, Texas
  5. Cemetery of Albert Elmer Gambrell
  6. Cemetery of Amanda Adaline Casey Gambrell
  7. Cemetery of Berdie Lee Gambrell
  8. Cemetery of Bernice H Gambrell
  9. Cemetery of Charles Edwin Gambrell
  10. Cemetery of Pvt Fletcher S Gambrell
  11. Cemetery of George P Gambrell
  12. Cemetery of Ida Mae Hatcher Gambrell
  13. Cemetery of J C Gambrell
  14. Cemetery of Jasper E Gambrell
  15. Cemetery of Lillian Susanna Gambrell
  16. Cemetery of Melton Gambrell
  17. Cemetery of Sarah M Beard Gambrell
  18. Cemetery of William Henry Gambrell
  19. Cemetery of Willis “Arthur” Gambrell
  20. Cemetery of Willis Arthur Gambrell
  21. Wedding date for Oide William Duck fixed (Spe to Sep)
  22. 1910 Census for Arthur Gambrell and wife
  23. 1910 Census for James Russell and wife
  24. Matilda Emaline Russell grave
  25. William & Amanda Gambrell family in 1910 census
  26. Charles & Tildey Gambrell in 1910 census
  27. Benjamin Beard family added in two generations
  28. Thomas A. Beard grave
  29. Sarah E. Beard grave
  30. Thomas A. Beard family in 1910 census
  31. Washington Gambrell in 1860 census
  32. Maud Morgan Gambrell family added
  33. Maud Morgan family in 1900 census
  34. James Buchanan Morgan ancestors- 2 generations
  35. Elizabeth Davanport Morgan ancestors: 2 generations
  36. Arthur Gambrell family in 1920 census
  37. Willes Arthur Gambrell in Texas death index
  38. Giles Gambrell birth date in Texas birth index
  39. 1900 census for William H. Gambrell family
  40. RESOLVED: Willis Arthur Gambrell was adopted by an uncle
  41. RESOLVED: Maud Ann Morgan Gambrell remarried to Jim Henry Sheppard
  42. RESOLVED: Giles Darwin Gambrell was Jimmie or James Gambrell
  43. Photo of Maud, Fred, & Bell Morgan: also from them headshots
  44. Jim Sheppard family in 1930 census
  45. Jim Sheppard family in 1940 census
  46. Charles Gambrell family in 1930 census
  47. Charles Gambrell family in 1940 census
  48. Cemetery 1659. Conoley Cemetery, Milam County, Texas
  49. Jim Sheppard grave
  50. Maud Sheppard grave
  51. Rankin Sheppard in Soc. Sec index
  52. Rankin Sheppard wife
  53. Orville Sheppard in Texas death index
  54. Expanded Fred Miles Morgan family
  55. Orval Sheppard family in 1940 census
  56. Lillian Gambrell in 1940 census
  57. Orval Gambrell in public records

Lots of other stuff, got tired of listing it all! I also had to simply quit, even though I wanted to get newspaper clippings entered, and a bunch more. Maybe later, but my ToDo list is growing by the minute!

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