Legacy FT place names merge fixed

I had a pleasant surprise today. I was able to get into the tables of the locations and so different sorts to find problematic data that is not allowed in Legacy Family Tree software.

The results were wonderful. I was able to do a simple sort and find the locations that had not been verified! I have begged for this, but the software people must rate this as a low priority, even though small adjustments would make that possible.

Then, when merging the place names that should have merged, and I thought used to be merge: like USA to United States; I found that the merging did not wipe out the notes anymore. My notes were remaining! This has been a concern when it automatically merges, because I cannot know how many notes I have lost in the past due to this serious issue. So, at least if the place being merged into another does not have notes, the resulting merge will not delete the notes!

So, while I found one problem was silently fixed, there appears to be another glitch! Oh Well! I suppose that is progress?!

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