Cancel Button location gripe

I have been too sick to bother griping about Legacy Family Tree software lately, but having said some nice things about them, now it is time to fuss!

I really hate it when I come to the end of entering all the data and link for a photo and then accidentally hit the cancel button instead of the save button! It happens all to often!

There needs to be some separation of the buttons or something! Of course you can blame me all day for clicking the wrong button, but the fact of the matter is, I have been clicking on buttons ever since the button graphic was first made! I rarely have a problem hitting the right buttons! But in my most frustrating software and also the one program I use the most, I keep hitting the cancel button unwittingly.

OK, there is my gripe for the day! But please notice I am not going to close with my normal “and the crashes” routine, because for a whole day the program has not crashed! To learn why, see the old post on Legacy Crashing.

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