Reid Family additions

 Reid Family Additions

  1. Alfred Ray Reid dates
  2. Alfred Ray’s wife and dates added
  3. Alfred Reid addition of 8 children
  4. Alfred Reid inlaws
  5. Glen Reid parents and wives
  6. Glen Reid brothers
  7. Samuel Alfred Reid parents
  8. Samuel Alfred Reid siblings
  9. Samuel Alfred Reid inlaws
  10. Glen Reid inlaws
  11. Jacob Reid children
  12. Jacob Reid parents
  13. Cemetery 1712. Bowholtz Cemetery, Paulding County, Ohio
  14. Jacob Reid family in 1880 census
  15. Samuel Reid grave
  16. Cemetery 1713. Coltman Cemetery, Richland County, Ohio
  17. Katherine Reid grave and parents
  18. Cemetery 1714. Burke Cemetery, Merrick County, Nebraska
  19. Jacob Reid grave
  20. Susan Reid grave
  21. Hance Reid grave
  22. Joseph Marion Reid grave and dates
  23. Cyrus Lincoln Reid grave and date corrections
  24. Jacob Elyo Reid grave and dates
  25. Mary Reid Dustman grave and husband’s name
  26. Della Ann Reid grave
  27. Jacob Reid family in 1860 census
  28. Della Ann Reid birth record in Michigan!
  29. Found Jacob Reid family in 1870 census in Michigan! Tough hunt, but we won!
  30. Samuel Reid family in 1880 census
  31. Samuel Reid family in 1900 census
  32. Alonzo family in 1910 census
  33. Samuel Reid family in 1910 census
  34. Samuel Reid family in 1920 census
  35. Glen Reid family in 1920 census
  36. Perry Reid family in 1920 census
  37. NOTE: Discarded war information for a Jacob Reid of Virginia because he was declared dead during a battle. Our Jacob Reid obviously lived afterward.
  38. NOTE: Discarded the Ohio census for Samuel and cousin William Reid at the Ohio State Reform school. We believe these two to be of another family. Also the parents (brothers) were out of state by this time. Of course it could be surmised that this drove the parents out of the State of Ohio. The year is 1870.

Find A Grave Help

Earl Reid has a virtual cemetery for the folks we worked through. It is a great help on this family! You can visit it at Reid Virtual Cemetery at Find A Grave.

  1. Floyd A. Reid
  2. Mabel Cryder Reid
  3. Cemetery 1715. Hillcrest Burial Park, Kent County, Washington
  4. Cemetery 1716. Fern Hill Cemetery, Lewis County, Washington
  5. Samuel A. Reid
  6. Jane Winter Reid
  7. Eva May Reid
  8. Harry Earl Reid
  9. Cemetery 1717. Fullerton Cemetery, Nance County, Nebraska
  10. Cemetery 1718. Claquato Cemetery, Lewis County, Washington
  11. Ervy Edgar Reid
  12. Cemetery 1719. Riverside Cemetery, Logan County, Colorado
  13. Peter Brossard
  14. Mary Nesselbush Brossard
  15. Amelia Brossard Reid
  16. Pearl Maggie Reid
  17. Charles Van Buskirk
  18. Perry C. Reid
  19. Hattie Reid
  20. Cemetery 1720. Tonasket Cemetery, Okanagan County, Washington
  21. Glen Reid
  22. Cemetery 1721. Mountain View Cemetery, Lewis County, Washington
  23. Edna May Hagerman
  24. Archie Watt
  25. Phyllis Reid
  26. Mary Chess Reid
  27. Alfred Ray Reid
  28. Wilhelmina Reid
  29. Thomasine Reid
  30. Ronald Ray Reid
  31. William Roland Reid