Legacy Gripes Continued

  1. No spell checker and no grammar check for location notes.
  2. Adding a new source does not reset the source list to include the new source over half the time.
  3. Source details do not tab through the scrolled fields, forcing the user to have to scroll down to enter data.
  4. Export settings are not remembered, nor are the Gedcom filters saved. A saved file is allowed to be loaded for the filters, but exporting is more difficult than necessary. As usual there are just too much clicking to do anything.
  5. Map functions and other functions do not work if Teamviewer is running.
  6. Document linking is too clunky and requires too much effort. It needs to get streamlined and more integrated with a document viewer to help label documents better.
  7. There is still no event merger option. This requires a lot of cut and pasting at the very least to merge two or more events. A simple merge button and merge window would be very helpful like what is done for individual merges.
  8. No way to duplicate a master source to save filling out a whole form again and trying to get the desired template.
  9. Still no way to merge sources in different templates! Weird!