Peter Neighmond

The big push this week was in getting the Peter Neighmond line typed out and entered. What a job! We believe we crossed back into Holland with this family tree and thanks to the work of Don Martin, we are able to list the relevant work he did. It does not have his sources listed, so we hope we can somehow verify his work and also expand it. This work added about 239 names! One thing that made the work easier was the fact the family pretty much was centered around one town, so the various family names intersect several times. To see this new data, start with this link: Peter and Margaret Neighmond.

We also did a bit of expansion on the family, by adding census records and other family names of those living today. So, all in all, this family was expanded in several ways this week! There are still some black holes in the data that we hope to be able to resolve in the upcoming days. We also have no photos or information that tells us who these people were, what they did, and of what religion they were, etc. If you can help us in any way, please do so!

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