Legacy Deletes Location Notes

Well, it just happened again! An age old problem that keeps haunting me everywhere I go and year after year. Here’s what happens!


First, I begin by making a new location, and get things all set up and proper. I even add extensive notes to the new location and then go to save it, and my notes are deleted! It apparently merged to an existing location and all my work is useless.


Why is such a huge functional problem allowed to keep going? Am I the only one that fusses about all these problems? It is so aggravating to finish a long note with lots of research behind it, and then just have it vanish.


  1. Have even the most basic of autosave functions. Apple software seems to have started this years ago, and even Microsoft (slow and clumsy to the gate) even joined the band wagon years ago with their Office products. It makes no sense not to have some kind of little backup system going all the time.
  2. Put the merge window in place whenever a place merges with another. Auto merging is great, but when there is a difference between the two (like a note on one) then please give us the option to save our note or transfer it before it is lost!
  3. Provide a means to find unverified locations so they can become verified. I have needed this for years and asked for it. I really hoped it would come in the new version, but as usual, no!

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