John Newton Gambrell of Texas

Robert Marshall told us of a John Newton Gambrell of Texas, and here is our work to tie him into the larger tree.

  1. Harriet Harper (i22829) changed to Mary Clementine Mooney
  2. Mary C. Mooney parents added
  3. Mary and John Gambrell link broken since generation too early
  4. John Newton Gambrell of 1864 added as son to John N. Gambrell of 1820
  5. Mary linked to this new John N. Gambrell of 1864
  6. Esther Lee Gambrell and husband added
  7. John N. Gambrell II wife
  8. William Mooney Gambrell wife and in-laws
  9. Thomas Dewitt Gambrell wife
  10. MIldred Gambrell husband
  11. Harriet Harper replaced as John Newton Gambrell (i9822) second wife
  12. Harriet Harper marriage from index
  13. Harriet Harper parents and siblings connection
  14. John N. Gambrell gravesite
  15. Cemetery 1739. Oakwood Cemetery, Walker County, Texas
  16. Several Harper family fixes from various sources
  17. David Henry Gambrell family added
  18. Lettis Gambrell family in 1850
  19. Samuel Vandiver Gambrell name changed to Sanford
  20. Many additions to details of John N. Gambrell, b. 1820, children from FS
  21. Edward Harper family in 1860 census
  22. John Gambrell family in 1870 census
  23. James Mattison Gambrell family expanded from FS
  24. James Mattison Gambrell grave
  25. Cemetery 1740. Old Perry Cemetery, McLennan County, Texas
  26. Amaryllis Horton name from Amaryllis Adelline to Amaryllis Earle Horton Gambrell
  27. Amaryllis Gambrell grave
  28. Cemetery 1741. Moody Cemetery, McLennan County, Texas
  29. Matthew Edwin Gambrell family added
  30. Susan Boyde Gambrell Parish family expanded
  31. 1880 census for John Gambrell and large household
  32. 1880 census for Mathew Gambrell family
  33. Vandiver sisters linked to same family
  34. Birdwell family expanded out from FS
  35. William Birdwell family from 1860 census
  36. 1900 Census for John N. Gambrell family
  37. 1900 census for son John N. Gambrell family
  38. 1910 census for son John N. Gambrell family
  39. 1920 census for John Gambrell family
  40. 1930 census for John Gambrell family
  41. John Gambrell death certificate
  42. Cemetery 1742. Lockhart Municipal Burial Park Cemetery, Caldwell County, Texas
  43. Alcena Gambrell Carson grave
  44. John Gambrell Jr. grave
  45. Mildred Gambrell grave
  46. Nora Gambrell grave
  47. Sidney Gambrell grave
  48. Thomas Gambrell grave

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