Legacy Source Memory Missing

The title is pretty misleading, but I did not figure out a succinct title to use  about this problem!

What happens is that when you go to search through the source titles, like for a census, you type out quite a bit of the title of the source, only to find it is missing. Now you go to make a new source, but you have to type the long title all over again! To add insult to injury, you have to type it all over again for the name of the database or title, etc.


It would be much easier if the title being typed just showed up as a possible new heading! Even better if it was “smart” and showed up in the probable field associated with the template.

If that is not desired, of course there should be a setting where it could be turned on and off.

Other Source Deficiencies

No way to search among source titles, only how the title starts, unless possibly to go to the search system? Instead of only alphabetized tittles being listed, there should be a sort done of places where the word being typed occurs. For example looking for Mary Smith’s email could be under “Smith, Mary, email” or “Mrs. Mary Smith email” or just “Mary Smith email.” A good sort would list all possible suggestions based on relevancy. I have over 4000 sources, so finding the right one is not that easy. Very frustrating!

There still has not been a system put in place to merge sources of different templates and systems. This is such a shame and a waste of the user’s time. A simple system could do so much! Right now I go to Microsoft Access (MA) and make merges when I really get mad about the duplicates. But this is clunky and MA is really expensive. To make matters worse, Legacy uses an old version of MA, so it has to be saved in that archaic version!

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