Dudley-Hopkins Mess

Shirley sent us a warning that we had some very dated and incorrect information. She also sent us sources were we could get things untangled and hopefully corrected! Here is what happened.

  1. Removed Hawes, England as place of death for Robert Dudley
  2. Stephen Hopkins appears to be the victim of several bad merges that have him married long after he died, and all kinds of impossible things.
  3. Constance Dudley parents of Robert Dudley and his wife disconnected. Main tree did not split in two.
  4. Bethia Hopkins removed as Stephen and Constance Hopkins child. Again, tree did not split.
  5. John Hopkins removed as Stephen and Constance Hopkins child. Tree did not split. File repaired and compacted data, still no splits.
  6. William Hopkins removed
  7. Stephen Hopkins removed
  8. Mary Merrick disconnected from marriage with Stephen Hopkins that was death before she was born! Second marriage left in tact as only marriage.
  9. Bethia Linnea deleted and marriage removed
  10. Stephen Hopkins removed as a child of Nicholas & Mary Hopkins. Tree split of three pedigree individuals removed.
  11. Removed sources and event and note of Stephen Hopkins.
  12. Removed birth date of Stephen Hopkins
  13. Stripped away Constance Dudley and all sources and info. Replaced with Mary Kent
  14. Cleaned up Constance Hopkins who married Nicholas Snow. Added Christening date and location
  15. Giles Hopkins cleaned up (multiple marriages removed) baptism location added, extra sources cleared
  16. Added more children to Giles Hopkins

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