Gambrell Family

  1. John Newton Gambrell Pedigree added from Robert Marshall
  2. Pedigree expanded with FS
  3. John Newton Gambrell Jr. biographical info added from Robert Marshall
  4. Judge Gambrell family at birthday and wedding anniversaries, newspaper
  5. John Newton Gambrell II changed to III
  6. John Newton Gambrell III’s anniversary date and place added
  7. Birth date and place of Blanch Smith Gambrell
  8. Death of Dr. William Mooney Gambrell
  9. Wedding of Dr. William Gambrell
  10. Son of William Gambrell
  11. 44th anniversary of Judge Gambrell and wife and family
  12. Debate of John N. Gambrell III
  13. 40th anniversary of Judge Gambrell and his wife.
  14. More notes on Dr. John Newton Gambrell from Nelle Rowland letter
  15. More notes on Madison Gambrell from Nelle Rowland letter
  16. Edward Harper grave
  17. Mary Harper grave
  18. Cemetery 1744. Greensboro Cemetery, Hale County, Alabama
  19. Death year for Frances Wyatt
  20. Parents of Frances Wyatt
  21. Frances Gambrell husband’s last name added, also first name
  22. Mahala Gambrell Mitchell anniversary and husband info expanded
  23. Marion Mitchell parents added
  24. Michell children added
  25. Tough job of linking Gambrell letter finished and letter published
  26. Cemetery 1745. Garden of Memories Cemetery, Kerr County, Texas
  27. William Mooney Gambrell Jr grave, and info
  28. Jean Searingen Gambrell grave

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