de Witt family work

Kay Luetjen Blaas sent us source information to use to clean up the Claas Janssen de Witt family. We finally got to doing just that! The records are in German so my translations may not be the best.

  1. Claas Janssen de Witt name corrected, as well as locations birth and death. Sources cleaned up.
  2. Tiada Tjarks Bremer name corrected, locations fixed, sources cleaned away, multiple events removed.
  3. Children of the two above sorted by date of birth
  4. Tjark Claassen deWitt name fixed, sources cleared up, location of birth fixed. Extra names added.
  5. Added Bette deWitt info to current Peter Dewitt
  6. Merged 58807 to 57481, Emmerentje Dewitt, and changed dates and locations, cleaned up sources, etc.
  7. Martin Hoffmann cleaned up
  8. Tiada de Witt cleaned up and dates added. Also husband added
  9. John (Jan) de Witt cleaned up and birth date and place changed
  10. Grietje de Witt name and birth info fixed
  11. Johan deWitt land transfer at death
  12. Falde de Witt land transfer at her father’s death
  13. Falde  de Witt land transfer to husband when she died

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