Pettus and Stokes

  1. Luther Pettus year of death from Gene Agnew
  2. Elinor Pettus in Soc. Sec. index
  3. Cemetery 1456. Tupelo Memorial Park Cemetery, Lee County, Mississippi
  4. Luther Pettus grave and dates
  5. Elinor Pettus grave
  6. Elinor Shirley Stokes Agnew added to tree from Gene Agnew
  7. Dr. H. A. Stokes grave
  8. Dr. H. A. Stokes second wife
  9. Elinor Shirley Stokes info and grave
  10. Joseph Agnew info and grave
  11. Joseph Agnew parents
  12. Cemetery 1457. Pratts Cemetery, Lee County, Mississippi

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