Elrod family

LaVaughn Zimmer sent several emails in 2011 about the history of the Elrod family. We have combed through them again to make sure we have it all. The following are the additions we made, most to her credit.

  1. Jacob Ellrod employment as tailor and new place made for it.
  2. Jacob Ellrod spelling instead of single “l”
  3. Birth name of Jacob and year and place and death location
  4. Christopher Elrod box of 1775.
  5. Christopher Elrod and population of Salem in 1775. Note of them beginning Hope.
  6. Reversed the marriage order of Teter Yoahan Elroth
  7. Dates for Samuel Lockenour
  8. Jane Elrod dates
  9. Sarah Elrod dates
  10. Cemetery 1758. Johnson Cemetery, Maries County, Missouri
  11. Mary Jane Johnson
  12. Dr. William Johnson
  13. Hazel Johnson and wife
  14. Martha Tacker
  15. Wesley Tacker
  16. Sarah Johnson
  17. Mary Jane Johnson
  18. Elizabeth Johnson
  19. Dr. William Johnson
  20. Edgar Johnson
  21. Robert Lee Johnson
  22. Infant Johnson
  23. Ella Mae Johnson
  24. Dr. Grover Johnson
  25. Lots of Johnson family and info, but no link to main tree!!!
  26. George Monroe Ragan children added
  27. George Monroe Ragan parents added
  28. George Ragan siblings added
  29. Everett Ragan wife added
  30. Hubbard Ragan wife added
  31. Geneva Ragan added
  32. Claude and Jim Ragan linked to Elrod photo
  33. John Bishop grave
  34. Martha Elrod Bishop grave
  35. Many other Bishops until link formed to Sherman and Walter Bishop for photo
  36. Photo finished up by just adding the names not found to it
  37. Modified, set out and added another photo to Thomas Elrod, Jr. family members
  38. Expanded Anna Ellen Hutchinson Elrod family, by adding her details and parents
  39. Boley Jackson Elrod date of death
  40. Thelma Margaret dates and grave
  41. Thelma Elrod husband dates
  42. Herbert Heck parents
  43. Herbert Heck marriage
  44. Wilma Elrod dates
  45. Gene Casie dates
  46. Wilma Elrod marriage
  47. Clarence Elrod dates and marriage
  48. Doris Lennaman dates
  49. Billy Russell Elrod dates
  50. Benjamin Perry Hutchison parents
  51. Benjamin Hutcheson parents
  52. Thomas Benton Elrod Jr. Property painting
  53. Thomas Elrod Jr. property photo 1
  54. Thomas Elrod Jr. property photo 2
  55. Thomas Elrod Jr. property photo 3
  56. Thomas Elrod Jr. property photo 4
  57. Thomas Elrod Jr. log house photo

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