Kirkestue family

Linda Sebastian wrote she thought her great grandmother Marget was a widow in 1910 and living in Winneshiek County, Iowa. We could not find her still living at that time, but did find some other very interesting facts. We will try to share them!

  1. In the 1925 census of Marget’s daughter, Ingorborg Gondry, we find her a widow in Decorah, Iowa. But that is just the beginning! This lets us know her husband’s last name too.
  2. Unlike her brother’s report (possibly done by his wife or someone else that did not know the answers) the parents information is included in Ingorborgs! Her father is Halver Kirkestuen and her mother is Margaret Olson. Furthermore, she states they were married in Wisconsin!
  3. Cemetery 1759. Stavanger Cemetery, Winneshiek County, Iowa
  4. Marget Kirkestuen grave from Linda
  5. Ole Kirkestuen grave from Linda
  6. Nellie Kirkestuen grave from Linda
  7. Death mention in newspaper for Nellie Kirkestue
  8. Sebastian Wedding review
  9. Victory Sebastian 30th anniversary
  10. Edward Doerring family expanded
  11. Charles Doerring info
  12. Eugene Doerring and wives
  13. Children to families from anniversary attendance
  14. Raymond Erhardt 58th birthday party
  15. Linda Kirkestue as graduate to be
  16. Raymond Erhardt combination birthday with Glen Kirkestue and Albert Burrow
  17. Albert Burrow in WWI draft cards
  18. Albert Burrow in Soc. Sec. index
  19. Albert Burrow in Find A Grave
  20. August Burrow in WWI draft cards
  21. August Burrow in Soc. Sec. index
  22. August Burrow in Find A Grave
  23. Glen Kirkestue picnic
  24. Ole Kirkestue funeral and five children but no death date yet!
  25. Kirkestue Switch closes

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