William Schunke

Marilyn Schunke sent us some important notes about her family in 2012. We added them and more. She also referred us to a research report by Mary Dorflein, which we also used.

  1. Anne Marie Himmelsbach Schunke marriage date added from Marilyn Schunke
  2. Anna Marie Stumpf Himmelsbach marriage and migration notes
  3. Anna Marie Himmelsbach Schunke immigration and ship
  4. Sebastian Himmelsbach accident and death scene
  5. Therese Stumpf immigration and marriage
  6. Theresa Himmelsbach story and widowhood jobs
  7. Anna marriage and husband
  8. Jacob marriage and wife
  9. Jacob children
  10. Anna Stumpf Himmelsbach children spouces
  11. George Himmelsbach added
  12. George Himmelsbach parents
  13. Bunch of ancestors
  14. Anna Schunke grave
  15. William M. Schunke grave
  16. Sebastian Himmelsbach grave
  17. Cemetery 1760. Multnomah Park Cemetery, Multnomah County, Oregon
  18. Cemetery 1761. Lone Fir Cemetery, Multnomah County, Oregon
  19. Jacob Himmelsbach grave
  20. Theresa Himmelsbach grave
  21. Marie Himmelsbach Doerflien grave
  22. Theresa B Himmelsbach grave and dates
  23. Ruth Schunke grave and dates
  24. Redid Champoeg Cemetery info
  25. Ruth Marie Schunke grave and info added
  26. Cemetery 1762. Belcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Marion County, Oregon
  27. David Robert Schunke, grave, dates, wife, etc.
  28. Martha Schunke grave
  29. Edward Schunke Sr grave
  30. Edward Schunke Jr. grave
  31. Ann M. Schunke years and grave

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