Apr 11 update

Focus is on clearing many emails, so here goes!


George Finney

Quick fixes

  1. Carol Elliott Arrington suggested we formally list the published resources of Here Come the Douthits and The Douthit Family of America. We did so on John Douthit (i1495) and cleaned up the bogus listing of sources for him and other family.
  2. Corrected several places from Monocacy, Montgomery, Maryland to Monocacy Villiage, Maryland: Solomon Douthit, John Douthit, David Douthit, Thomas Douthit
  3. Added events to Solomon Douthit from Anderson’s book
  4. Moved the 9 events from John Douthit Sr. marriage to his events, merging now duplicate events and relabeling, etc.
  5. J. Frederich Sass name expanded to Jorgen
  6. Jorgen Sass death date added
  7. Ed Douthit family notes
  8. Ailene Atkinson photo
  9. Marilyn Mailhot photo
  10. Joyce Atkinson photo
  11. Connie & David Dasilva photo
  12. Updated on Sewretha Holder and name fix
  13. Coalville City Cemetery, Summit county, Utah, Cemetery #1773
  14. Joseph & Hannah Randall gravestone from Bryan Randall
  15. New Auburn Cemetery, Placer County, California, Cemetery #1774
  16. Orville Randall and two wives added
  17. Carmichael Cemetery, Greene County, Indiana, Cemetery # 1775
  18. Claude Riddle grave
  19. Daniel Riddle grave
  20. Tillie J. Riddle grave
  21. Jonathan Riddle grave
  22. Gatesville Masonic Cemetery, Coryell County, Texas, Cemetery 1776
  23. Duffie Watson Gambrell source of FindAGrave
  24. Mollie Key Gambrell grave
  25. John Duffie Gambrell date of death corrected and grave added
  26.  Olive Branch Cemetery, Wise County, Texas, Cemetery 1777

Data Upgrades

Cleared about 75 unverified locations that had crept into the data. The last 49 were:

  1. Bega, , New South Wales, Australia
  2. Berkeley, Bristol, Massachusetts
  3. Berkeley, Va
  4. Bremin, West Prussie, Germany
  5. Brock, Ontario, Canada
  6. Bucktown, Sullivan, Indiana, United States
  7. Canterbury, Kent, England
  8. Carmichael Cemetery, Greene Co., Indiana
  9. Clayton, Clayton, Iowa, United States
  10. Dorchester, Allamakee, Iowa, United States
  11. Dresden, Greene, Indiana, United States
  12. Easley, Pickens, South Carolina
  13. Easley, Pickens, South Carolina, USA
  14. Eriswil, , Switzerland
  15. Fairsted, Essex, England
  16. Fort Worth, , Texas, USA
  17. Fullerton Cemetery, Fullerton, Nance, Nebraska, United States
  18. Gatesville, Coryell, Texas
  19. Gatesville, Coryell, TX
  20. Gatesville, Cryll, Txs
  21. Hillsboro, Fleming, Kentucky, United States
  22. Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas, USA
  23. King Co., WA
  24. Laramie, Albany, Wyoming, United States
  25. Lewis, Washington, United States
  26. Lisbon, Claiborne, Louisiana, United States
  27. Lockhart, Caldwell, Texas, USA
  28. Masonic Cemetary, Gatesville, Coryell, Texas
  29. Meridian, Bosque, TX
  30. Mineral Wells, P-Pnt, Txs
  31. Missouri, USA
  32. Mountain View Cemetery, Centralia, Lewis, Washington, United States
  33. Neals CreekBapt, Church Cem., South Carolina
  34. Newton, Lancashire, England
  35. Nuckollsville, Lumpkin, Georgia
  36. Of, Grundy, Buchanan, Va
  37. Olive Branch Cemetery, Wise, Texas, United States
  38. Rosenburg, Fort Bend, Texas, USA
  39. Scott, Virginia, United States
  40. Smartville, Yuba, California, United States
  41. St Marys Hospital, Jefferson City, Cole, Missouri, United States
  42. Steindorf, , Bayern, Germany
  43. tennesse
  44. Thomas County, Georgia
  45. Union, Union, Mississippi
  46. Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA
  47. Waco, Mc Lennan, Texas, USA
  48. Wewoka, Seminole, Oklahoma, USA
  49. Woodville, Jefferson, New York, United States

Email Situation

Well, with the endeavors to abandon the computer to do anything else but computer stuff, and the problem of the emails all being projects needing lots of time and research to answer, coupled with poor health that took two full days away this week, the email goals are falling behind even more! Will I recover and make it to the end?

  1. Emails needing attention: 412 (behind schedule by 17)
  2. Emails cleared: 10

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 0
  2. Gravestones added: 1
  3. Faces added: 0
  4. Photos added: 6
  5. Locations added: -30 (cleaned up a bunch of bad locations and added a bunch of new ones. The final tally came out to a total reduction of 30 overall! Yippee!)
  6. Individuals added: 9
  7. Sources: 2 (again several removed and several added)
  8. New members: 0

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