Oliver Gaines Barron family

Janae Rhoden wrote asking about what sources we had for his two wives. The only source was some old Family Tree Maker file, and that is just not enough! So we did a little quick digging and there is quite a bit to add.

  1. Clementine Barron grave
  2. Lassetter Family Cemetery, Carroll County, Georgia; Cemetery 1778
  3. Buddy Barron grave from FindAGrave
  4. Mount Zion Baptist Cemetery, Douglas County, Georgia, Cemetery 1779
  5. Oliver Gaines Barron grave from FindAGrave and modified date of death
  6. Mary Jane Dingler Barron grave and dates from photo at FindAGrave
  7. John Oliver Barron grave and dates
  8. Sudie M Barron name changed from Susan M. and grave and dates
  9. Alzena M. Barron grave and dates
  10. Oliver Gaines Barron Jr grave and dates
  11. Georgia marriages index for Oliver & Mary Barron
  12. Georgia marriage book listing for Oliver and Mary Barron marriage
  13. John Barron ancestors added
  14. John Barron family in 1860 census
  15. John & Polly Barron marriage in index
  16. Oliver Barron family in 1860 census
  17. Oliver Barron Family in 1870 census
  18. Oliver Barron family in 1880 census
  19. Oliver Barron family in 1900 census

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