William Moyer

Meg de Mougin sent us sever updates to the William Moyer family. We also located her work on FamilySearch and imported it. She will probably send more!

  1. William Moyer dates
  2. William Moyer parent names
  3. William Moyer wife and mother in law
  4. William Moyer three children
  5. Import of William Moyer family of 13 people
  6. Cleaned up locations of family
  7. Highland Lawn Cemetery, Vigo County, Indiana (cemetery 1785)
  8. Hull Cemetery, Vigo County, Indiana (cemetery 1786)
  9. Earlham Cemetery, Wayne County, Indiana (cemetery 1787)
  10. Paul K. Coons memorial on FindAGrave
  11. Elmer R. Coons memorial & photo from Meg
  12. Louise Coons memorial and obit
  13. Otto H. Coons jr memorial
  14. Mildred Coons memorial
  15. Bethesda Cemetery, Vigo County, Indiana (cemetery 1788)
  16. William H. Coons memorial
  17. Grace Leota Anderson memorial, parents, and second husband
  18. James  & Mabel Anderson graves
  19. Ralph Coons grave
  20. Otto H. Coons on FindAGrave and photo from Meg
  21. Srilda Coons on FindAGrave and photo
  22. Reva Coons grave
  23. Several more graves!
  24. Green Moss Cemetery, Clark County, Illinois (cemetery 1789)
  25. William Coons ancestors and siblings
  26. Cleanup of ancestor towns
  27. Robertson Cemetery, Jefferson County, Indiana (cemetery 1790)
  28. Ancestors turned out to be a huge nightmare of tangled relationships and miserable towns, and impossible connections! Why did I try?
  29. Shiloh Cemetery, Clark County, Illinois (cemetery 1791)
  30. Anna Batdorf Coons grave & info cleanup
  31. Anna Coons memorial info
  32. William H. Coons grave info
  33. Avarilla Coons grave info
  34. Durland Cemetery, Jackson County, Indiana (cemetery 1792).
  35. Rebecca Coons Findley cleanup and grave
  36. Hugh Findley cleanup and grave
  37. George Coons grave
  38. Mary Ann Beadle Coons grave
  39. William H. Coons grave
  40. Barbara Coons Beadle grave
  41. John Beadle grave
  42. Jacob Coons grave
  43. Juda Miller Coons grave and cleanup
  44. Elizabeth Coons grave and cleanup
  45. James Phillips grave
  46. Nicolas Coons and wife cleanup
  47. John Walton Coons and wife cleanup
  48. Burnsville Cemetery, Bartholomew County, Indiana (cemetery 1793)
  49. John Coons and Anna Maria Batdorf cleaned up and multiple parents merged or deleted
  50. Nicholas Coons family cleanup and comparisons
  51. Deleted over 100 messed up and tangled ancestors. This tree is one of the worst trees I have seen!
  52. I got bogged down and simply cannot keep doing this, if I am ever going to get the email backlog cleared!
  53. Could not clear the huge number of unverified locations (1824) so deleted another 1445 individuals. I had no idea the FamilySearch merge added so many! Ouch!
  54. Lesson: Do not merge FamilySearch data into tree. First make a separate gedcom of data, clean it up, then once all aspects are corrected, do a merge! How could I forget this rule?
  55. There were still 945 locations that were incorrectly set up and not verified by me. So we dug deeper for deletions! Found another family line of 1006 people we deleted!  So did another rebuild of all the data, cleanup of indexes, compacting, etc. performed. Sin blinds, grinds and kills! That removed 719 locations, so we still have a way to go!
  56. Deleted 26 more people and 18 more locations. Cleaned up locations, purging unused and try again.
  57. Deleted 31 more people and 24 more locations. Cleaned up locations, purged and look for more.
  58. Deleted 58 more people and 35 more locations. Cleaned up location list and try again.
  59. Deleted 2 orphaned folks and 2 more locations, Cleanup list and try again.
  60. Came up with 3 more orphaned folks so did a tree recompile. There were over 50 trees! Lots of single person orphaned folks. Went about deleting them, remembering there is no good way to do this in LegacyFamilyTree. They really do not have good tools for cleanup or restoration of data.
  61. About 270 more people deleted, mostly orphaned folks from other deletions. Legacy Software should declare these orphans when a deletion occurs, and then offer immediate resolution to them by offering to delete them as well. Furthermore on the Treel list there has to be more options made available. But, I know, they ain’t gonna do anything helpful like that! Because of all the deletions, we did another file repair and cleanup: a very time consuming process that keeps making errors, of course! So we have to go clean up the mess afterwards if we can find it! There were 135 locations removed in the process.
  62. Unverified locations were now no longer apparent with the pathetic way Legacy has you look for them, so we went back to Microsoft Access to do a real sort and hunt. This is a huge hidden cost of using Legacy Software. You have to by the ridiculously expensive and clunky Microsoft Office Access to do any real sorting of lists in Legacy, and to fix the file every now and then, when it breaks and will not load.
  63. We finally arrived at a workable list to clean up! Six locations were still not verified and put in proper order. One location was one I forgot to mark verified. The others were quickly merged to the correct locations (something else Legacy should have easily done!).
  64. So for a final note we ran through the whole data cleanup, followed by the lists cleanup, and ending with the compacting job. Hopefully tomorrow there will be some progress made on emails.

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