Solomon Elrod family

David Elrod sent the photo of the grave of Solomon Henry Elrod and the name of the cemetery. We did the following:

  1. Zion Methodist Cemetery, Washington County, Virginia (cemetery 1798)
  2. Solomon Henry Elrod birth date corrected from 1847 to 1842
  3. Virginia Elrod grave
  4. Virginia Elrod parents
  5. Virginia’s last name changed from Rosenbaum to Rosenbalm
  6. David Joel Elrod grave
  7. Sarah Ann Neal Elrod info and grave
  8. Sarah Neal parents added
  9. Allie Elrod name expanded and year of death added and grave
  10. David Large Hope dates and grave
  11. James W. Parker middle name added and dates and grave
  12. James W. Parker parents added
  13. James Parker marriage to Allie Elrod deleted

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