Burrow Family

In handling old emails, it became evident that the Burrow family was a hit and miss situation. we decided to simply redo the census sheets and upgrade them to the current system, and scan process.  It was also hoped we could add some new details in the process. We hope this will not slow down the email processing that has been taking place, but realize it just needs to be done.

  1. Fred Burrow family in 1900 census
  2. Fred Burrow family in 1910 census
  3. Mabel Paulson & grave added
  4. William Burrow grave added
  5. Fred Burrow family in 1885

Well, this is discouraging. There were something around 28 items. We had done several census pages, and graves, and church records on the family. We even did another email from Linda Sebastian on the Kirkestue family.

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