John Macomber descendants

Michael McCumber sent us a link to his Macomber family tree. The following is a list of additions from his work and FamilySearch trees.

  1. John Macomber and Hannah Hart expanded
  2. Richard Maccumber family
  3. Richard Mcomber family
  4. Wilford Cemetery, Fremont County, Idaho (cemetery 1877)
  5. Roseburg National Cemetery, Douglas County, Oregon (cemetery 1878)
  6. Rose Cemetery, Wayne County, New York (cemetery 1879)
  7. Caleb Palmer family
  8. Jarvis Macomber’s wife, Christian Sherman (i131908) and her line moved from Constant Macomber to Anson Macomber family
  9. Peter McCumber family added
  10. Billa Flint McCumber family added
  11. Victoria Cemetery, Hastings County, Ontario (cemetery 1880)
  12. Edward McCumber family added
  13. William Edward McCumber family added
  14. Thomas Earl McCumber family added
  15. Jarvis Macomber note added from Michael McCumber

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