Liz Jenkins kindly sent us corrections and updates to this family. We are so appreciative of her work! Thanks Liz! The following is a listing of some of the changes.

  1. Removed note about serving in WWI from Albert Himmelsbach (i3037). He was too young to serve!
  2. Added Military Service for Albert in WWII and Korea
  3. Albert Darrow family name change note
  4. Changed location of death for Albert Darrow
  5. Jacob Himmelsbach Junior death location and date corrected
  6. Lydia Himmelsbach dates fixed
  7. Theresa Himmelsbach nickname
  8. Theresa birth date and location corrected
  9. Theresa death location and date changed
  10. Her wedding date corrected
  11. Isadore Schiel primary name switched
  12. Isadore’s birthdate
  13. Isadore’s death year and cause
  14. Robert Schiel’s name expanded and dates added
  15. George Himmelsbach family
  16. Jacob Himmelsbach and wife immigration
  17. S.S. Werre information added
  18. S.S. Werre photo edited and added
  19. Passenger list highlighted and added
  20. Georg Himmelsbach dates and family members
  21. Maria Rainwald alt. name
  22. Maria dates
  23. Maria parents
  24. Jessie Edwards parents and step dad
  25. Lizzie Seach info expanded
  26. Theresa Schiel grave
  27. Isadore Schiel grave
  28. Robert Schiel grave
  29. Dorothy Schiel added
  30. Robert’s two children added

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