John Carroll Macomber

Carole Gerchak wrote in 2009 asking of help on John Carroll Macomber. I am just now getting to this request.

  1. J. Carroll Macomber in New York, New York death index
  2. His parents name from Carole Gerchak
  3. John Macomber in 1940 census
  4. Harry Macomber family in 1915 census
  5. Henry Macomber family in 1910 census
  6. City Directory for Ethel Macomber 1933
  7. Bennett Macomber in Soc Sec index
  8. Bennett Macomber in 1920 census
  9. Russell Macomber birthday
  10. Mildred Holden family added
  11. William H. Macomber death
  12. William Macomber Pedigree and tie in to larger tree of several generations
  13. Stephen Macomber (i58363) expanded
  14. Henry Macomber (i48362) expanded
  15. Isaiah Macomber family expanded
  16. William H. Macomber family
  17. Raymond Foster family in 1900 census
  18. Thomas Greene family in 1875 census
  19. Rebecca Macomber in 1885 census
  20. Henry B. Macomber in 1880 census
  21. Allen Booth family in 1870 census
  22. Stoten Booth family added
  23. Elm Grove Cemetery, Hartford County, Connecticut (cemetery 1888)
  24. Alma Booth grave
  25. George Hatheway grave and parents
  26. Henry H. Macomber Navy enlistment

Other Macomber adds

  1. Dr. Addison Parker Macomber added
  2. Atlantic Cemetery, Cass County, Iowa (cemetery 1887)
  3. Ebenezer Macomber family added
  4. Squier Macomber family added
  5. Fred Macomber grave
  6. Lillie Wilson grave
  7. Fred and Lillie marriage

Unrelated Fixes

  1. William Macomber (i189346) had become an orphaned record to (i48100)
  2. Edith Macomber (i189351) orphaned to i48103
  3. Sarah Macomber (i189407) orphaned to i17406
  4. Matthew Macomber (i189347) orphaned to i48105
  5. Hannah Macomber (i189352) orphaned to i48058 and husband i189408 to i48042; Children: Ursula i189348 to i48084; Elizabeth i189406 to i48030;  Joseph i189334 to i48080; Hannah i189370 to i48079 and husband i189366 to i69618 and his father i189355 to i45167 and his mother i189361 to i69912 and son i189375 to i69616 and the following White fixes; Sarah i189335 to i48083;   Margaret i189336 to i48081; Mercy i189413 to i48082; Benjamin i189414 to i48078; event cleanup done and
  6. Jonathan White i189356 parents linked
  7. Peregrine White i189357 parents linked
  8. Sarah White i189358 parents linked
  9. Sylvanus White, i189359 parents linked
  10. Mercy White i189360 parents linked
  11. John Macomber (i189391) orphaned to i17400
  12. Ursilla (i189392) orphaned to i48107
  13. Adley Mosher i149231 to i65611
  14. Hannah Mosher i146170 removed
  15. William Anglin i191116 (2) linked into tree again
  16. Mary Mosher i148084 (4) to i65591
  17. Phebe Mosher i148187 (9) to i65597
  18. Abner Mosher i148184 (11) to i65594
  19. Nicholas Mosher i148189 (48) to i65598

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