James Bruton Gambrell

  1. George Gambrell family in 1860
  2. Joel Gambrell family in 1860
  3. Joel Gambrell family in 1870
  4. J.B. Gambrell family in 1870
  5. James B. Gambrell family in 1880
  6. J.B. Gambrell degrees added
  7. Pauline Gambrell husband and daughter
  8. Rodrick Gambrell details updated
  9. Patrick Gambrell family added
  10. Eric Gambrell family added
  11. Mary Gambrell death date added
  12. Helen Gambrell added and family
  13. James Gambrell Jr. wife
  14. James B. Gambrell Jr. family expanded
  15. J.B. Gambrell family in 1910 census
  16. James Bruton Gambrell death certificate
  17. James B. Gambrell passport application
  18. James B. Gambrell family in 1920
  19. Mary Gambrell death certificate
  20. James Gambrell in War Between States by Jimmy Bryson




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