Sep 17 report

Goal is to clear the July 2012 emails

  1. Jimmy Gambrell email about James Bruton Gambrell war involvement
  2. George William Woodhouse information from Jeannette Rook
  3. Rose Mary Yenney from Jeannette Rook
  4. Oakland Cemetery, Indiana County, Pennsylvania (cemetery 1902)
  5. Joseph William Woodhouse from Jeannette Rook
  6. Harriet Jane Woodhouse from Jeannette Rook
  7. Grand View Cemetery, Skagit County, Washington (cemetery 1903)
  8. John Vipond Woodhouse from Jeanette Rook
  9. Newspaper entry for the conviction of Frederick Leach
  10. Newspaper notice for the hanging of Frederick Leach
  11. Ezekiel Gambrell cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina (cemetery 1904)
  12. James H. Gambrell
  13. Ezekiel Gambrell grave
  14. Evaline Gambrell grave
  15. Louisa Gambrell Roark grave
  16. George Rankin
  17. William Roark info
  18. Gloria Perryman funeral note
  19. Henry C. Burdick date of death and place of burial from Laurie Lewis
  20. Lincklaen Center Cemetery, Chenago County, New York (cemetery 1905)
  21. Kenyon Burdick date of death
  22. Nancy Hiscox date of death
  23. Charles Givens family added to incorporate the Bishop family connection to Union Hill Cemetery as found by LaVaughn Zimmer
  24. Georgia Bishop Hutchinson in Union Hill Cemetery
  25. Frances Hutchinson in Union Hill Cemetery
  26. Jewell Hutchinson
  27. Francis Hutchinson family added
  28. Joseph Hutchison grave and family
  29. William Monroe Green parent and grandparents
  30. Wanda Ingram memories of William Jordan Anglin.

3 thoughts on “Sep 17 report”

    1. I’m back! I was knocked out for a year, but am back again. I think I have added the info Glenda Patton had, but am woefully behind on emails, so will be looking into this. Jimmy Gambrell has been assembling information for a book, so I am usually slow at adding his more detailed info for now.

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