Risley Family

Charles S. Lewis provided us with a great deal of information on the Risley family tree. The background to the Risley family in Europe he writes about in the following:

The Risley surname dates back to before 1270, When Robert son of Hugh de Hindley, married Ellen de Culcheth Robert & Ellen before 1270, in Buckingham, England. Ellen’s Mother, Lady Cecilia de Latham (a Lady in her own right) received the lands of Risley as her dowry, from Gilbert de Culcheth her husband. Gilbert was head of Culcheth Manor. He was murdered by unknown male factors in 1246/7. As the villiage made no pursuit it was fined. Gilbert’s 4 infant daughters were made wards of the Baron of Warrington, Williiam le Botiller (Butler). When they came of age William granted their marriages to Hugh de Hindley who married them to his own four sons. Each of the wives received a quarter of the Culcheth manor. Their husbands changed their names from Hindley, to relfect which quarter of the manor they received in marriage.

 Richard son of Hugh married Margaret de Culcheth, and became Richard de Culcheth.

Thomas son of Hugh married Joan de Culcheth, and became Thomas de Holcroft.

Adam son of Hugh married Elizabeth de Culcheth, and became Adam de Peasfurlong.

Robert son of Hugh married Ellen de Culcheth, and became Robert de Risley.

 As the land of Risley was of poor farming quality, Robert & Ellen received Gilbert’s land in Lowton.

Robert & Ellen also appear in pleas cited in the time of Edward I, King of England 1272-1307.

He skips a few generations to provide the arrival of the family to America and the start of the Risley family in America:


Richard Risley, Sr.
B: 1570, Winwick, Lancashire, EnglandM: 11 Sep 1586, Winwick, Lancashire, England


Anne Hyde
B: abt 1569, Stockport, Cheshire, England
D: 1597, Winwick, Lancashire, England


Richard Risley, Jr.
B: 1587, Winwick, Lancashire, England
M:1639, Hartford, Hartford Co., Conecticut
D: Oct 1648, Hockanum, Hartford, Connecticut

(He is the First Risley (progenitor) in the United States, he arrived in 1633 aboard the Griffith).


Mary Arnold
B: 1619, England
D: 3 Aug 1656, Hartford, Connecticut


Richard Risley II
B: 2 Aug 1648, Hockanum, Hartford, Connecticut
M: 1676, Hartford, Connecticut
D: 27 Oct 1728, Hartford, Connecticut


Rebecca Adams
B: Aug 1658, Hartford, Connecticut
D: 20 May 1726, Hartford, Connecticut


Jeremiah Sr.
Richard III


These three sons removed from Hartford and settled in the Egg Harbor area, Gloucester/Atlantic Co., New Jersey; beginning the Risley family in that State.

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