August 2012 emails

Our goal now is to get through the several 2012 emails sent in August.

  1. Wayne Eugene Douthit email finished from Michael Wayne Douthit
  2. Potter family Chart from Jill MacDonald
  3. Several changes and updates to Robert Potter and Elizabeth Marshall family
  4. Old Western Burial Ground, Essex County, Massachusetts (cemetery 1911)
  5. Thomas Newell family added
  6. Nicholas Potter family added
  7. Robert Potter family
  8. Robert Potter and Martha Halle family
  9. Joseph Potter and Tibuda Hayden family
  10. Goat Island Baptist Cemetery, Nova Scotia, Canada (cemetery 1912)
  11. Rev. Israel Potter family
  12. Woodland Cemetery, Montgomery County, Ohio (cemetery 1913)
  13. Three days later and after updating dozens of individuals and adding about 300 more people we are finished adding the Potter family tree from Jill MacDonald!
  14. George Clinton Terwilliger dates from Ed Scofield
  15. Laura May Wise dates from Ed Scofield
  16. Washington Lilliston name fixed and dates from Ed Scofield
  17. Granville and Anna Eliza Terwilliger dates from Ed Scofield
  18. Alexander Clinton Burnet dates and wife’s, from Ed Scofield
  19. Charles Burnet dates and wives from Ed
  20. Robert Reid Burnet family filled in from Ed
  21. Tied the Terwilliger family to the greater Terwilliger tree and extended it a bit more from Ed’s work
  22. Nile Cemetery, Allegany County, New York (cemetery 1914)
  23. Ezekiel and Hanna Lanphear from information suggested by Demaris Swisher
  24. Saint Marys Episcopal Churchyard, Burlington County, New Jersey (cemetery 1915)
  25. Twelve generations of Schuylers from Charles Lewis
  26. Risley family tree from Charles Lewis
  27. Peggy Strong health note from Linda Sebastian
  28. Anna Rooney orphanage note from Linda Sebastian
  29. August 2012 emails finally all cleared! Wow!

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