September 2012 emails

We still have 24 emails that have not been handled from two years ago, so the time has come to take care of this problem! Here goes:

  • Elizabeth Bitzer news
  • Donna DeCrosta family tree
  • The Taylor tree from Seth Taylor
  • LaVaugh Zimmer news
  • John B. Barrow places changed from Linda Fox
  • Many additions to the greater Adam Litwin family from Rodger Pape
  • Additions to Pastorates of William Schunke and Gustav Schunke
  • Ebenezer Hunt dates and second wife added from Jen Elkins
  • William Robinson Barr family and comments from Sumner Barr
  • Pine Grove Cemetery, Worcester County, Massachusetts (cemetery 1926)
  • William R. Barr grave
  • Sumner Barr grave
  • Susan Barr grave
  • Jane Barr Stoddard
  • Addison Barr grave
  • John and Harriet Macomber marriage
  • Capt. Sumner Barr death record
  • Susan Barr death record
  • William Barr death record
  • William Barr marriage record
  • William Barr birth record
  • Sumner and Susan Barr children birth record
  • Orrillia Pegg dates and grave from Mary Rains
  • Henry Whitbread name changed to AKA John Henry Whitbread and name of John Lawrence Whitbread added
  • Spent three days (36 hours) cleaning up and preparing the Daniel Benoit family tree for import. The tree had 35 people that I had, but adds a great deal of detail and breadth to the section. More time should be spent gathering more information not imported. About 1000 people were added.
  • Corrected the town the first five Schunke children were born in Germany from Marilyn Schunke
  • Corrected the town Gustave Schunke was born in from Marilyn Schunke
  • Corrected William Schunke birthplace from Marilyn Schunke
  • The Schunke parents formal names from Marilyn search
  • Louis Schunke full name, birth confirmed and baptism from Marilyn
  • Births and christening of oldest Schunke children from Marilyn

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