Sept 2014 Emails

To start with we found Levi Morrill who had 14 children lived in reverse of 18 days! This must have been a remarkable thing to be born on the 18th of a month and then die on the 1st of the same month! We realized we would have our work cut out on this batch!

  1. Levi Morrill dates corrected
  2. Brownville Villiage Cemetery address rebuilt
  3. Evelin Morrill page cleaned up
  4. Sarah Smith Morrill page cleaned up
  5. Shephard David Morrill was another one that had only lived a day but had two wives! Amazing guy, until now… Dates fixed
  6. Nancy Maria Morrill grave
  7. Peter Morrill dates fixed and grave added
  8. Mercy Hall Morrill dates fixed and grave added
  9. John Wilcox and Mary Barber section expanded based on Ken Roberts’ family group sheets
  10. Albert Himmelsbach Darrow military service from Liz Jenkins
  11. Albert Darrow family group sheet from Liz Jenkins
  12. Capt. Albert Darrow photo from Liz Jenkins
  13. Jessie Darrow immigration fix from Liz Jenkens
  14. Jessie Darrow education from Liz Jenkens
  15. The two Silas Rich’s and Laura’s were merged so Virginia Rich would have one set of adoptive parents.
  16. Virginia’s birth year and husband’s last names added from Liz Jenkens
  17. Isadore Schiel birth date added from Liz Jenkins
  18. Patricia and Robert Schiel dates and updates from Liz Jenkins
  19. Eileen Darrow first husband and children from Liz Jenkins
  20. Eileen Darrow grave from Liz Jenkins
  21. George Darrow children from Liz Jenkins
  22. Portrait of Jessie Alice Edwards Darrow from Liz Jenkins
  23. Photo of Jakob Himmelsbach and Anna Stumpf from Liz Jenkins
  24. Al Himmelsback and family photo from Liz Jenkins
  25. Milo Sebastian family news
  26. Janet Alvis pointed out that comments were not being allowed in our blog, issue fixed hopefully!

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