Insuficient Resources?

My ire toward Legacy Family Tree software continues unabated. I have tried to calm myself down by:

Realizing they are marketing to the multitudes that want to stick their toe into their little family tree but do not want to to pursue it seriously. Thus all the videos and cruises. It is just a party atmosphere where serious users are not wanted.

Realizing that there was probably a serious user at the start somewhere but the owners that have it now are just into marketing and do not know how to program good software

Realizing they are Microsoft lovers and just want to ignore the fact Microsoft is anti user!

Realizing that they embarked on a lousy and now archaic Microsoft Access system, but do not want to admit their platform has reached its limits and needs to be replaced.

Realizing that the software techs do not have a clue how to fix what they have, and might as well be from India, or Arabia, or some other foreign non-English speaking uneducated person.

The problem is, non of these viewpoints has helped stopped my ire toward the chronically buggy and limited software.

Now, I am doing my normal Check/Repair of my data file (which is dangerous, because it has made up amazing marriages repeatedly) and it will not complete. It gets to Step 63 and eventually 66, and then sticks with the Insufficient resources error, if any error comes up at all. I look up the error and at find my usual response: Tech Support does not know why their software does this, so the usual favorite fix, uninstall everything, lose all your settings and start over! Ouch!

I was priding myself for not having to reconstruct my settings lately, and well, it was too soon!

I go through the painful procedure of removing all the program and the leftover files only to get the error again:

Error 3035, System resource exceeded. Have I mentioned I have a monster system with 16 microprocessors and 16 gigabites of memory? It blew through all that? Haw!

I used my trusty Microsoft Access program to rebuild the data file and nothing good came of that.

Bottom line, another error has struck and what am I to do now? How I wish I could find another way out of this mess!

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