MS Access and Legacy Family Tree

I’m sitting here waiting for Microsoft Access to finish rebuilding my Legacy Family Tree database again. It is so sad. I thought I had gotten a great deal when I paid for Legacy Family Tree Deluxe, but what I did not know was that I also would have to have own Microsoft Access as well to keep things moving. Without Microsoft Access, you will lose all your data and work, and will likely give up on your family tree. At the worst, you will have lost a great deal of time and effort and have to start completely over again in another software program, and well, the zest for doing the tree will be long gone.

I have recommended Legacy Family Tree for many years to many users, and never gotten a penny in commissions or ads for them. It has been a real waste of my time and energy. Furthermore, I wrestle with their buggy program daily and have a real animosity toward them now that has gone on for years. I cannot wait to dump their software once and for all!

Just beware you are not putting down $30 or so, you will have to invest a several hundred dollars more for MS Access and be brave enough to try to figure out what those table letters are all about to actually do what you need to do. Legacy Family Tree is not really cheap, it is so expensive you will wonder why you were dazzled by their ads!


Clinton Macomber

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