Erhardt Notebook

Over the years we have collected a large number of pieces of information we hoped we could come back to and resolve later. We have decided now is the time. This is our first attempt to start closing out this notebook.

  1. Laura Sass (i7556) birth place changed, death year added, spouse and wedding
  2. William Sass (i7555) dates and family
  3. Kate Hauser (i7553) parents and daughter added:
  4. Amanda Sass added
  5. Nelda Douthit Scrapbook scans 50-61
    1. Edwin Harvey obituary to Nelda Douthit in 6th grade
    2. Irene Erhardt funeral remembrance
    3. Irene Erhardt obituary newspaper clipping identified
    4. Irene Erhardt death announcement clipping
    5. Mouth control prayer saved by Nelda Douthit
    6. Clinton, Cheryl, & Fay Macomber Denver graduation flyer
    7. Sarah Heathcoat funeral remembrance. This set off a bunch of FindAGrave burials at the same cemetery:
      1. Sarah Heathcoat memorial
      2. James Lawson Heathcoat memorial
      3. Edith Heathcoat Poff memorial
      4. Raymond Poff memorial
      5. Laura Ophelia Heathcoat Wann memorial
      6. Roy Wann memorial
      7. Mabel Heathcoat memorial
      8. Clark Heathcoat memorial
    8. Harold Quarnberg funeral flyer
    9. Cheryl Macomber B.S. graduation flyers

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