Garner Family

  1. Wyatt Garner memorial
  2. Elizabeth Garner memorial
  3. Wyatt Garner marriage date changed
  4. Elizabeth name and dates corrected
  5. Garner family added back into England to attempt to join it with the other Garners we have. Attempt was unsuccessful.
  6. Pleasant Andrew Garner memorial
  7. Rebekah Hogan Garner memorial
  8. John Dixon Garner Sr memorial
  9. Eva Garner memorial
  10. Rebecca Jane Pointer Garner memorial
  11. Ephraim Davis Cemetery (cemetery 12) name changed to Garner Davis Cemetery
  12. Fannie Mae Davis Norman dates added
  13. Clayborn Norman added
  14. Clayborn’s parents added
  15. Fannie Mae Norman memorial
  16. Clayborn Norman memorial
  17. Much updating and work needs to be done on this family

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