Legacy Family Tree Abandoned

It has been several years of suffering in Legacy Family Software, and now I have finally realized this cannot continue. What caused this to reach the final straw? I read in a help file on their website when I decided to split the file down to smaller sections that the software really cannot handle more than 100,000 records! I have 160,000. Furthermore, when I have Legacy export sections, I am finding these are errors in the data, that are never exposed in the big file. In smaller chunks, the software handles wonderfully and is fast. My data file, however, means long waits to do just about anything, and of course the constant crashing and the inability to repair the data files. I also have recently found there is a big error in the new shared events system that puts in new places in the shared connection file. That was reported and verified.

I have spent about a week now, trying to separate out the files. My wife’s family was pretty simple, and my mother’s mother’s family was fairly easy. Note this is relative. The process is painful. Mark direct line ancestors, and then direct line descendents, and their spouses, then move that data and do a tree count and now move and merge the hundreds of orphan trees over. Or you can sit there and spend hours crawling every generation and every spouse, and every child and seeing their lines are all marked. Then hours or days later, move the data out, delete from the main file and hunt down the orphan trees that result and get them moved over and merged. The real problems came (and I’m saying most would not have gotten this far) when it came to cutting the big remainder of Macomber’s and Douthits. No matter how many ways I came up with deleting sections, the smallest Macomber file was still 132,000 people. This is still way above the limits of Legacy Software. So what to do?

Then I broke out into a sweat when I realized that after days of stripping the big data file down, I would have to do the same with the main file again to try to get the Douthit’s. The results would be even worse. So I was only going to end up with not just one oversized file, but now two oversized files and several other small files, and I could not chart things for my own family, since it was scattered and shattered.

So, out came the internet search again, and the update to RootsMagic was again paid for and installed. We are giving it a serious look and so far things are working far better than in Legacy.

I also have my eye on another up and comer, but will wait on that till I know if I am staying in RootsMagic.

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