Where’s the Updates?

“Man is born to trouble as sparks fly upwards!” so say the prophets. Men are born to face trouble and get incinerated facing it. A worthless man avoids the trouble and quietly rots away in the darkness, never to be heard, never to do anything and never to be remembered. Such is the chattel of society. Quietly live, quietly rot, quietly disappear, leave no mark, leave no name.

I certainly have my trials for trying to do something, and it is always a challenge to keep trying. My computer recently lost its coolant and then when my helper was refilling it, it got water damage and fried. The process of trying to salvage the old warhorse was long and grim, and at last it was given up. Then the process of getting the most bang for the buck ensued and Gideon tried to get the best he could on a limited spending allocation. Some say loudly: “you get what you pay for!” and it was said quite a bit the last few weeks. We also said, we will somehow make do. We kept trying to push past all the gluts of challenges and am getting closer to having a working machine.

It may be a couple weeks before we can be back to business as usual, because we still have to get a large data drive recovered. It is dead, and we are looking into seeing if we can replace a part or two to get the data off of it. My backups appear to have not been working for some time, so we have really lost a lot during the last few weeks. Of the greatest losses is the email and email archives. We have yet to find a way to salvage them. I have over four months of emails that were waiting to be handled.

Pray with us! Somehow we will overcome or get burned up trying!

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