HUGE Update

We have been struggling for months now with new desktop software, getting data converted, multiple computer crashes and rebuilds, and lots of lost data. It is still not over, but we have just gotten a huge upload done from the new software.

Because there was a desktop software program change, there will be a lot of changes in the website data presentations and tagging. Hopefully we have minimized this as much as possible ahead of time, but still, it will be there.

Second, this data is the presentation of months of work and changes: meaning there are hundreds of new people and thousands of new facts that have been added.

Due to the multiple computer crashes, we do not have a listing of all the new stuff that was added. These lists got destroyed in the computer problems.

There is another sad note. We have lost many emails that were sent from December to the present. We are slowly trying to mine out these emails and hopefully will eventually uncover them, but they may be lost forever. We truly regret this!

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