Cleve Erhardt updates

Linda Sebastian has helped the family again! Wish we had more diligent folks like her! She sent scans of information gleaned from a visit with Linda Johnson. We are so glad to add these important things:

  • Cleve Erhardt obituary image, text, and facts processed to all mentioned
  • Cleve & Eshter Erhardt wedding photo: better quality scan
  • Brainard Store photo
  • Jamie Koenigs family photo
  • Esther Erhardt obituary image, text and facts processed to all mentioned
  • Lillian Miller husband
  • Shirley Bauman


From other sources:

  • Lillian Miller death
  • Walter Bauman full name
  • Gordon Bauman
  • Walter Bauman parents
  • John Brackin Family added
  • Merged and expanded Christian Freiberghaus family
  • Elisabeth Jacob memorial
  • Benedict Jacob memorial

Orchard Mesa Municipal Cemeteries:

  • Caroline Bauman memorial
  • Caroline Baumann record
  • John Bauman memorial
  • John Bauman record
  • Walter Bauman memorial
  • Walter Bauman grave
  • Hulda Bauman grave
  • Hulda Bauman memorial

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