June 12 updates

We are still rebuilding from the wreckage that came to our whole computer system the first half of this year. There is going to be a huge amount of things we will not be able to replace, but we had one victory today! We were able to salvage the emails sent in May! We still are trying to get emails sent from December of last year through April, but have not gotten that done yet, and may not be able to do so.

I’m also faced with another dilemma! My website is so popular, I need to somehow come up with $150 to keep it going! We have maxed out the limits of our current business plan host account and have to upgrade to the next level. I sure wish I could count on help, but we may just need to shut this all down. I may have a couple months to think about it, but things do not look good right now. I certainly don’t have this money, and there is no chance I will find it. We are on public welfare, and cannot afford even the basics of life, even the medicines required to stay alive.

  1. Thomas Martellone sent a photo of McGuire Cemetery as well as how to find it.
  2. Byron Bitely gravestone sent by Hamilton Bitely.
  3. Daniel Sylvester Allen data updated and memorial added, along with several folks from Alice Monschke.

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