Multiple Trees

We checked and now have a bunch of orphan data that has cropped up in the data changeover. We decided it was time to fix the problem, so here is what we did.

  • Fitzgerald changed from fitzgerald: many
  • Fulk de Breute removed (i23546)
  • Hardy de Helion removed (i16681)
  • John de Cantilupe removed (i16676)
  • Randulph de Soulis (i30637) reconnected and family information updated
  • Eudo de Rhie (i30802) removed
  • Samuel Aborne (i32891) removed
  • Friskin de Kerdale (i30711) removed
  • Thomas Case (i11325) removed
  • Henry Case (i11324) removed
  • Mary Jane Womble (i165375) reconnected
  • Tom Baird (i59974) removed
  • Robert Knevet (i16672) removed
  • Robert de Mowbray (i16102) removed
  • William Case (i11326) removed
  • William Grizzle (i162361) merged into Henry Grizzle (i162339)
  • John Watson (i32134) and Alice Prentice (i32135) removed
  • Reddick Garner (i162994) and Hannah Cook (i162995) removed

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