William R. Douthit

Belinda sent us the line from William Douthit, through Dilbert Douthit to herself. We are excited about the update and hope to hear more, even though she sent us the information over a year ago!

Record Additions:

  1. Marriage record of Hershel and Eva Douthit.
  2. Hershel Douthit residence in 2000.
  3. Hershel Douthit residence in 1993
  4. Hershel Douthit residence in 1965
  5. Delbert Douthit grave
  6. Grace Douthit grave and obituary information
  7. Robert Lee Ballew grave
  8. Clara Ballew grave
  9. Eva Humphreys Douthit parents
  10. Joseph Thomas Martin grave
  11. Everett Ballew obituary
  12. Laverne Ballew obituary
  13. Delbert Douthit family in 1940
  14. Merideth Ballou grave
  15. Eagle Creek Cemetery, McCreery County, Kansas
  16. Parlena Ballou grave
  17. John and Mattie Ballew family in 1940
  18. Robert L. Ballew family in 1940
  19. Robert B. Ballou grave
  20. Emiline Ballou grave
  21. Taylor Cemetery, McCreery County, Kansas
  22. Delbert Douthit in 1910 census
  23. William and Florence Douthit marriage record
  24. William Douthit family in 1900
  25. Jessee Jones family
  26. Jessee Jones family in 1880
  27. Delbert Douthit, Social Security Death Index
  28. Delbert Douthit family in 1930
  29. Robert Ballew family in 1930
  30. Delbert Douthit in 1920
  31. Grace Bellew in Social Security Death index
  32. A large amount of Ballou members removed since a connection was incorrect and obviously wrong.
  33. Thomas Martindale connection to James B. Douthit made
  34. Thomas Martindale family in 1920
  35. Cora Belle Douthit marriage to Clifford Humphreys
  36. Step 32 redone. Database cleanup done in wrong order and all changes restored!
  37. Step 33 redone
  38. Step 34 redone
  39. John F. Ballew family in 1920
  40. Charles Ballew family in 1920
  41. Robert L. Ballew family in 1920
  42. Delbert Douthit family in 1930
  43. George Scott birth record
  44. Humphries tie into main tree made
  45. Archie Humphries grave
  46. Watson Cemetery, Watson, Desha, Arkansas, United States
  47. Archie Humphrey’s obit
  48. Delbert & Grace Douthit marriage record
  49. Nancy Douthit Martindale as widow and farmer in 1910
  50. Thomas Martindale family in 1910
  51. Florence Douthit remarriage after death of William Douthit
  52. Martha Leavell grave
  53. Richard Leavell grave
  54. Martha Leavell second marriage

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