Francis & Zulu Pangle

Angela Artherton sent some research that provides the name of Zulu Starr’s husband. She provided the deed numbers to a couple pieces of land. To this we added:

  1. Frances Pangle’s birth and death and two other wives from family trees
  2. Grave info for Frances Pangle
  3. Grave info for Zulu Pangle
  4. Benton County Memorial Park
  5. Edith Arlene Douthit grave
  6. Vernon Douthit obituary
  7. William Trimble family added
  8. Elvin Roy Douthit grave
  9. Kate Trimble Douthit grave
  10. Bluff Cemetery, Springdale, Washington, Arkansas, United States
  11. Kate Trimble Douthit obituary
  12. Mildred Trimble Haney grave and obituary
  13. Carlos Trimble grave
  14. William Henry Trimble grave
  15. Grave Trimble grave
  16. Sam and Fina Douthit family in 1940
  17. Willie and Edith Douthit marriage record
  18. Willie Douthit Social Security Death index
  19. Stilwell Cemetery, Stilwell, Adair, Oklahoma, United States
  20. Willie Douthit grave
  21. Edith Douthit Social Security Death Index
  22. Willie Douthit family in 1930 census
  23. John & Lily Douthit family in 1850
  24. Robert Douthit mortality note
  25. Andrew J. Douthit family in 1860
  26. Douthit Cemetery, Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Georgia, United States
  27. Solomon M. Douthit grave
  28. Davis Douthit grave
  29. Florence Douthit grave
  30. Dewey Douthit grave
  31. James Otis Douthit grave
  32. Howe Douthit grave
  33. Reed Douthit grave
  34. Crawford Cemetery, Blue Ridge, Fannin, Georgia, United States
  35. Bettie Douthit Cotter grave
  36. Amanda Douthit grave
  37. Lily Douthit family in 1860
  38. Lily Douthit family in 1870
  39. Andrew Douthit family in 1860
  40. Andrew Douthit family in 1870
  41. Andrew Douthit family in 1880
  42. Andrew and Harriet marriage record
  43. Willie Douthit family in  census 1940
  44. Sam & Fina Douthit marriage record

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