John Leonard Macomber family

Our attention was brought to the John Leonard Macomber family. We did quite a bit of hunting down related family members in order to be able to add the following:

  1. J.L. Macomber family in 1900
  2. J.L. Macomber family in 1880
  3. J.L. Macomber family in 1870
  4. John L. Macomber family in 1910
  5. J.L. Macomber family in 1920
  6. John L. Macomber in 1930
  7. J.L. Macomber family in 1915
  8. J.L. Macomber family in 1925
  9. J.L. Macomber family in 1905 not found
  10. J.L. Macomber family in 1895
  11. J.L. Macomber family in 1885
  12. Young family expanded
  13. Benjamin Young grave
  14. Highland United Methodist Church Cemetery, Highland, Lincoln, Kentucky, United States
  15. Godfrey Young grave
  16. Tabitha Young grave
  17. James Young grave
  18. Mount Gilead Cemetery, Eubank, Pulaski, Kentucky, United States
  19. Abner Bryant grave
  20. Freedom Cemetery, Science Hill, Pulaski, Kentucky, United States
  21. Sarah Surber Bryant grave
  22. Godfrey Young grave
  23. Sarah Young grave
  24. Liberty Cemetery, Nashville, Kingman, Kansas, United States
  25. George Blurton grave
  26. Wichita Park Cemetery, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, United States
  27. Delia Morgan Blurton grave
  28. Alice Morgan grave
  29. Lulu Morgan grave
  30. Hunt Cemetery, Kingman, Kingman, Kansas, United States
  31. John D. Morgan grave
  32. Sarah Young grave
  33. Peggy Mason grave
  34. Henderson Young grave
  35. Ellenwood Cemetery, Sawyer, Pratt, Kansas, United States
  36. Singleton Young grave
  37. Juniata Cemetery, Juniata, Adams, Nebraska, United States
  38. Clarissa Baugh Young grave
  39. Nelson Young grave
  40. Mount Moriah Christian Church Cemetery, Highland, Lincoln, Kentucky, United States
  41. George W. Young grave
  42. John Young family in 1850
  43. William Young family in 1850
  44. Mary Bryant Young grave
  45. Margaret Elizabeth Young grave
  46. Eliza Spires grave
  47. Serena Carrier grave
  48. Charles Carrier grave
  49. John Spires grave
  50. Martha Baugh grave

Much more needs to be done on this line, to continue sorting out marriages, children, and proof of relations. But it is time to move to the next project!

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