We are back again after another long delay. This delay was from running out of room, so the backup in November shut down the website so that no email or tasks could complete. Some pages were still visible, but quite a few were not. But we just did not have the time to deal with it all.

Good news, the host of our website was contacted and Matt provided us with a way to reduce the size of our huge document folder. This knocked the website size down to almost half, and should help you the user to be able to load the documents available almost twice as fast.

So, we went to work while waiting for the 6000 plus documents to upload, on the news blog, since I have hated the lastest systems we used. I found a good system that loads the fastest, and just has the basics, so it is easier to look at.

It will take a while to hunt down missing links and things on the website update, but I hope to slowly work this huge effort back into my daily routine.

I don’t think I can ever go back to the long 16 hour days it took to build this data, but I do hope I can work in the many updates that have been sent to us, and finally work in the data waiting from my old web site on my own immediate family (like me own dad!).

Catch ya all later and sorry for the disruption!

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